The Pom Tree

Save lots of time and energy with this little tool! Anyone can quickly and easily make beautiful poms, tassels, fringes, and small bows. Use yarn, thread, or ribbon to make finished pieces from 1 to 7 inches.

Price: $17.95


The Loop Crochet Work Station

A great way to rapidly construct garments, afghans, etc. This tool produces a modified version of broomstick lace. The sturdy wooden base and rods make it a very durable tool. Use it on your table top, or lap.

Instructional DVD included to show how to use this tool to make a beautiful afghan.

Price: $17.95


Super Pom Tree and Bow Maker

This is a great way to make those big, beautiful bows, and super size tassels that so many crafters enjoy. Create fabulous decorative items for your home and those special gifts

Instructional DVD is included to show how to easily produce various Pom Tree projects.

Price: $21.95


Cook Book Stand

No more spills and splatters on your treasured cook book. Easy to read recipes at eye level.

Wonderful for holding book while reading in bed at home or in hospital.

Makes doing needlecraft projects comfortable while using the book rack to hold instruction book in place.

Price: $21.95